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Welcome to ufobaby_rating, an anime rating community where you'll know which Daa! Daa! Daa! character are you, based on your looks, personality, and the way you answered the survey.

Daa! Daa! Daa! (UFO Baby) is an anime without the violence. This anime has 76/78 episodes all in all.

I don't think UFO Baby has been watched by other people, so I wouldn't be surprised if only a few people know about this anime. All the same, the time will come for others to watch it. ^^

This journal was created August 14, 2005.
FIRST OF ALL, Mod/s can stamp their selves if they want to. But anyways...

  • You must be a member to be able to post and rate others. You don't have to be stamped in order to rate others.
  • Rate at least 8 other people. It's just fair that you give back to others what others have given you.
  • Your subject must be "THE ALIENS VISITED US!" so that I'll know you've read the rules.
  • You'll be stamped ASAP once you receive 4-vote majority. Usually after 4-5 days, depends.
  • If you didn't liked the character you've been stamped as, post again 4 days after you received your stamp. Remember to change the subject to "THE ALIENS VISITED US AGAIN!" so that people will know your new application. BTW, all application forms must be under an LJ-cut!!!
  • If ever you're going to have a new application as mentioned in the previous rule, please be reminded that you should link back to your first app. THe reason why is that so people will know the new character to vote for you. But if you're too lazy to do that, please mention the character you've been stamped as in your first app.
  • Just in case, I don't want y'all typing LyKe DiS.
  • We now allow members to be stamped as two characters. No more.
  • We also allow advertising! So go on, make things known...
  • Have fun and no bashing of other people!!!

You may be stamped as...
[] Miyu
[] Kanata
[] Baby Ruu / Baby Lou
[] Bow Meow / Wannya
[] Christine
[] Momoka
[] Seiya
[] Miki Kozuki
[] Mr. Kozuki
[] Hosho Saionji
[] Aya
[] Nanami
[] Santa
[] Mikan
[] Mizuki (Mikan's younger brother)
[] Nozomu
[] Ms. Mizuno
[] Peppo
Upload your stamp to your own server, please. If you have pictures of the other characters, or if you have any corrections regarding the spelling of the names of characters or whatsoever, either contact darkshadow36 or reply to this post. ^^
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If you want to be an affiliate, just comment on this post. Affiliating with icontest communities would be all right, too! AND, if you want to make a layout for this community, that would be great!!! It would be deeply appreciated. I would need all the help I can get. Sorry for the long survey, anyways. ^^

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